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This article is about the Imperial/Free Ryloth movement mission. You may be looking for other missions.

The title of this article is conjectural.

Although this article is based on canonical information, the actual name of this subject is pure conjecture.

In 14 BBY,[3] the Galactic Emperor Sheev Palpatine—secretly Darth Sidious—undertook a secret mission to quell the growing rebellion on Ryloth known as the Free Ryloth movement. Sidious took his Sith apprentice Darth Vader with him, using Vader's flagship the Star Destroyer Perilous as a transport. The Moff Delian Mors was only informed that the Galactic Empire was sending the senator of Ryloth—the Twi'lek Orn Free Taa—on a state visit to his homeworld.[1]

Spies within Taa's circle secretly informed the leader of the Free Ryloth movement—Cham Syndulla—that the Emperor and Vader would be with the senator aboard the Perilous, and so Syndulla's goal turned to assassinating both Sith Lords as they entered the Ryloth system. Although the Perilous was successfully destroyed—and Taa's fate left unknown—the two Sith Lords survived the Star Destroyer's destruction in orbit and skirmished with the Movements forces on the planet's surface.[1]

Some of the Emperor's Royal Guardsmen were killed on the surface as Sidious and Vader escaped into nearby lylek caves, before the two Sith Lords and Sergeant Erstin Deez wiped out the entire lylek hive. In the meanwhile, Moff Mors learned of the truth of Taa's mission to Ryloth and aided in the search for the Emperor, as well as exposing the traitor Belkor Dray, who had been feeding Syndulla information before and during the conflict. In the search that ensued, Mors eventually managed to kill Dray and come to the Emperor's rescue.[1]

After escaping from the lylek caves, the Dark Lords and Deez encountered a Twi'lek girl named Drua, who welcomed the Imperials to her remote village—completely oblivious to their true identities or the ongoing battles nearby. There, Isval attacked Vader and the rest of the Imperial forces before they were routed, but not before Syndulla escaped and evaded capture. In the aftermath of the victory, Sidious commanded Vader to kill Drua and her people, as they had witnessed too much of the events of the day.[1]

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