The Mission to Taanab was carried out by Jedi Knight Jaden Korr for the New Jedi Order in 14 ABY.



Taanab Spaceport where the mission took place.

Rancor on the looseEdit

When a freighter captain reported sightings of the Disciples of Ragnos, Jaden Korr was sent to Taanab to investigate its spaceport. There, he confronted a massive, mutated rancor, foolishly released by a Sith Cultist, who promptly became the beast's first victim. After realizing that the rancor cannot be killed by any weapon, Korr fled and tried to find a way to stop it.

While leading the rancor on a chase through the spacesport, Korr encountered some Cultists and New Reborn who tried to stop him, and either killed them or let the rancor deal with them.

Korr managed to lure the rancor to a conveyer belt with a force field at the end. He then fought his way into the control room and activated the controls, causing the rancor to be crushed to death between the force field and a large, durable container.


After returning to the Jedi Academy, Korr and the Jedi speculated that the cultists were planning to unleash the rancor in the city and, during the ensuing pandemonium, steal supplies and credits.


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