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"We have located the Imperial headquarters previously raided by Kyle Katarn. His report was understated, to say the least. Imperial casualties were evidently very high. We have found only one terrified survivor."
Captain Loftus, to Mon Mothma[src]

The Mission to Tatooine occurred in 12 ABY when independent operative Kyle Katarn raided an Imperial Remnant facility on Tatooine for the New Republic. The base was actually a recruiting station for the Empire Reborn, and was commanded by a member of the Reborn, Force-imbued soldiers. Katarn killed all residents of the base, except for one soldier, who was left horrified by the encounter. NRI Captain Hantor Loftus later led a recovery and incarceration team to the base to clean up. Little information was gathered from the Imperial survivor but he did reveal that his orders originated from Kejim.[3] Kyle Katarn was then sent to this planet by Mon Mothma in order to investigate the information.[2]


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