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The Mission to Tatooine was one of the final events of The Hunt.


After their success on Malastare, Zam Wesell and Jango Fett contacted Fett's Toydarian friend Rozatta. She informed Jango of a bounty that a junk dealer posted for Jabba the Hutt- Longo Two-Guns. Considering the large bounty, the two set course for Tatooine.

Upon landing in Mos Espa, Jango's jetpack malfunctioned from the heat, forcing him to leave his boost pack behind on the Slave I. He set out into Mos Espa. Longo's gang of thugs desperately attempted to apprehend Fett, but most of them were killed in the firefights waging through the streets. Upon arrival at the podracer hangar where Longo Two-Guns resided, Fett apprehended Two-Guns and hauled in the bounty.

The Hutt explained to Jango that Gardulla houses Bando Gora in her palace, so Zam went to scout out the area around her lair, and Fett landed the Slave I in the Tusken Canyon. While speaking to her on his comlink, he heard ruffling sounds in the background and realized she had been captured. Setting out to the palace on foot through the valley, Fett encountered clans of Tusken Raiders and their massiffs. While making his way through the valley fighting the Tuskens, an execution team feeding criminals to a sarlacc situated in the valley turned their blasters on Fett. The entire execution team was wiped out by Fett and the sarlacc.

Upon reaching Gardulla's Palace, Fett found Zam in a cell. He said he would be back when he had dealt with Gardulla, but Zam thought he would just leave her there and cut her out of the prize. She called for the guards, and Fett was captured and presented to the Hutt. He was stripped of his weapons and armor and thrown into a Krayt dragon arena, where he escaped through a small shaft.

Fett found his belongings and proceeded through the palace, killing gangs of thugs throughout the skiff hangars. He finally found his way to Gardulla's chamber, where he faced the Krayt dragon once again. He blasted the creature dead, and interrogated the Hutt about the Bando Gora. She was devoured by another Krayt dragon after being thrown into the arena by Fett, but she survived due to the inability to digest a Hutt.

Fett told Zam that she had blown it, and he was going to leave her there. While leaving Tatooine, he tried to contact Roz. But Montross answered his call, telling him he found Roz and took all the data she had. Jango immediately set a course for Roz's station.


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