"Leave this place!"
―Numerous Noghri to Jaden Korr on Yalara[src]

The Mission to Yalara was carried out by Jedi Knight Jaden Korr for the New Jedi Order in 14 ABY.



Jedi historian Tionne learned of the planet Yalara via a Jedi holocron. The planet was home to a primitive species and was hidden by a planetary cloaking device, established years ago by Jedi Master Broden Kel Verdox. After learning that others were possibly aware of the planet, the New Jedi Order sent Jaden Korr to either disable it for future use, or destroy it rather than let it fall into the wrong hands. Jedi Grand Master Luke Skywalker heavily opinionated that it would be better to destroy the device.

The missionEdit

Korr nohgri

Jaden Korr confronts the Noghri.

After arriving at the massive generator complex for the cloaking device, Korr was unexpectedly ambushed by Noghri commandos, whom he easily defeated. As he explored further, he discovered that the Imperial Remnant and the Disciples of Ragnos forces were present as well, and they too were fighting the Noghri for the cloaking device. Korr decided it was better to destroy the device. Defeating both sides, Korr made his way up the complex by riding the air currents of the complex's ventilation fans. Once at the top, Korr dueled more New Reborn and Noghri before destroying the cloaking device by setting explosive charges.


After returning to the Jedi Academy, Skywalker suspected that Darth Vader, who used many Noghri as slaves and bodyguards, had ordered the Noghri to exterminate the Yalarans and guard the cloaking device. The remaining Noghri on Yalara were returned to Honoghr.


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