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The title of this article is conjectural.

Although this article is based on canonical information, the actual name of this subject is pure conjecture.

In 2 BBY,[4] the Spectres joined forces with the pirate Hondo Ohnaka and the crime lord Azmorigan in a mission to loot an Imperial cargo ship. Hondo and Azmorigan had earlier disabled the ship with ion mines but were unable to retrieve the cargo when the cargo ship drifted into the atmospheric storms on the planet Wynkahthu. Following a harrowing mission, the two groups managed to retrieve proton bombs and some treasures before the cargo ship disintegrated in a vortex.


Wynkahthu recovery team

Melch, Azmorigan, Hondo, and the Spectres

After escaping from Naraka prison in 2 BBY, the Weequay pirate Hondo Ohnaka traveled the stars in his Imperial landing craft with several Ugnaught workers including Melch.[5] Hondo later came into contact with the crime lord Azmorigan, who had acquired the flight plan for an Imperial cargo ship. The ship contained several proton bombs and treasures.[3]

Together, the two criminals and Hondo's Ugnaught crew ambushed the cargo ship near the planet Wynkahthu. They managed to disable the ship with ion mines. However, it drifted into Wynkahthu's atmosphere and was trapped in a storm. Hondo sent his Ugnaught crew to board the ship but abandoned them when retrieving the cargo proved too risky. Most of the Ugnaught crew with the exception of Melch were killed. Still determined to reach the ship's cargo, Hondo contacted his perennial partner Ezra Bridger, who was a member of a rebel cell based aboard the starship Ghost.[3]

While Ezra was aware that Hondo had abandoned him and his comrades during their last mission on Reklam Station, he agreed to help Hondo after learning the ship contained proton bombs, which the rebellion need. Hondo and Azmorigan docked their landing craft with the Ghost. The ship's captain Hera Syndulla and her comrades were initially unwilling to help until Hondo convinced them that they could work together to procure the proton bombs and the treasures; making it a "win-win" situation for everyone.[3]

After agreeing to help Hondo and Azmorigan, Hera consulted the former Imperial inventory droid AP-5, who was familiar with the specs for the cargo transport since he had worked on one. She tasked AP-5 and the Lasat Garazeb Orrelios with developing a plan to board the ship and retrieve the cargo. Hera also assigned leadership of the recovery mission to Zeb since she was concerned that Ezra was too trusting of Hondo. Ezra was upset but reluctantly accepted Hera's decision.[3]

Mission to WynkahthuEdit

Imperial cargo sentry droid

The salvage missionEdit

Working together, AP-5 devised a plan which involved the rebels and their criminal confederates boarding the cargo ship through a top manhole. They would then make their way down to the cargo hull. After restoring the ship's power, the rebels and their confederates would fire cables that would connect to the Ghost. They would then use these cables to ferry the cargo aboard the Ghost. While AP-5 and Zeb had developed a workable plan, AP-5 failed to take into account the presence of five Imperial sentry droids, who were activated by the restoration of the ship's power. The rebels and their confederates also had to contend with the strong winds and the fact that the ship was drifting over a vortex capable of ripping it apart.[3]

The Ghost flew into Wynkahthu's atmosphere and dropped Zeb and his team onto the hull of the ship. Azmorigan forced himself onto the salvage team by threatening not to let the mission go ahead if he was not allowed to join. While Zeb, Ezra, the astromech droid Chopper, Hondo and Azmorigan boarded the ship, Sabine Wren stayed aboard to facilitate the cargo transfer. Hera, Kanan Jarrus, and AP-5 supervision the mission from the command bridge of the Ghost. Once they had landed on the hull, the rebels and their confederates entered the ship's corridors through a manhole. Zeb sent Chopper to the command bridge to restart the ship's power.[3]

The Spectres and their confederates soon encountered Melch, who was furious at Hondo for abandoning him. In the presence of Zeb, Hondo was forced to disclose that he had attempted an earlier recovery mission which had led to the loss of his Ugnaught crew with the exception of Melch. As compensation, Hondo offered the Ugnaught a 2 percent share of the treasure which the latter happily obliged. Zeb distrusted Hondo but Ezra claimed that his friend had only withheld part of the truth. The salvage party eventually made their way to the cargo bay.[3]

While Chopper had managed to restart the power, Ezra made a point of slicing through the door with his lightsaber in order to indicate his disapproval of Zeb's leadership. One inside the cargo bay, the rebels opened the outer doors. The Ghost then approached the cargo bay. Since they were unable to land, Zeb used grappling guns to fire connecting cables to the hull of the Ghost. Ezra and Zeb then loaded the cargo while Sabine stored them aboard the ship's cargo bay. At Zeb's insistence, they began loading the proton bombs first.[3]

Droid entanglementsEdit

Kanan saves Zeb and Ezra

Kanan saves Zeb and Ezra

However, restarting the ship's power activated one of the cargo ship's sentry droids. That droid encountered Azmorigan and locked him away in the ship's brig. When Azmorigan disappeared, Zeb went to look for him. Ezra began to distrust Hondo when the latter expressed a cavalier attitude towards Azmorigan's disappearance and suggested that he could keep more of the treasure for himself. Meanwhile, Zeb was stunned by the sentry droid and locked in the brig. By that stage, Sabine had received the fourth batch of proton bombs.[3]

However, a lightning strike disable the ship's systems and cost it to list towards the vortex. With the weather deteriorating, Hera ordered her crew and the criminals to hurry up. Chopper made his way back to the cargo bay while Ezra searched for Zeb. After learning from Zeb that he was in the brig, Ezra and Chopper headed there and freed Zeb and Azmorigan. While making their way back to the ship, they encountered the sentry droid. Despite Zeb's orders to stay hidden, Azmorigan destroyed the droid with his blaster. However, this activated the four remaining sentry droids who pursued the rebels and their confederates.[3]

The rebels fled back to the cargo bay where Hondo and Melch were waiting. During the ensuing gun fight, Ezra and Zeb managed to shoot down another sentry droid. Hondo and Azmorigan transported themselves and their treasures back to the Ghost while Chopper activated his rocket boosters and fled the cargo ship. Zeb and Ezra rode on the last batch of proton bombs to the Ghost. However, the droids blasted one of the grappling guns, causing their cable to snap. Ezra and Zeb managed to cling on and climb aboard the Ghost with the help of Kanan. Meanwhile, the cargo ship and the sentinel droids fell into the vortex and exploded.[3]


Due to the salvage run on the Imperial cargo ship, the Spectres succeeded in procuring proton bombs for the rebellion. In addition, Hondo and Ohnaka managed to steal some treasures from the cargo ship. Despite Hondo claiming that Melch had fallen to his death, the rebels, Hondo, and Azmorigan found that the Ugnaught had smuggled himself in Hondo's chest. Melch had not trusted Hondo to safeguard his life and had taken it upon himself to save his life. While disappointed that he had not obtained his share of the treasure, Hondo claimed that he had learned the value of friendship. Having achieved their objectives, the rebels, Hondo, and Azmorigan parted company and left on their ships.[3]


Notes and referencesEdit

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