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"Also, with Katarn gone, we need you more than ever."
―The commander, to Mara Jade before the mission[src]

During the year 10 ABY, the New Republic sent the Jedi Mara Jade on a mission to secure supplies from the Hutt crime lord Ka'Pa. The mission was spearheaded by a New Republic commander, and Jade was hand-selected for the mission by Republic leader Mon Mothma. Jade garnered an audience from Ka'Pa, who requested that Jade perform a mission for him before he would agree to give the New Republic their supplies. On the behalf of the Hutt, Jade traveled to the planet Katraasii to apprehend Abron Mar, a lieutenant for the crime lord Takara. Jade planned to secure information about a Global Communications Transponder that was stolen from Ka'Pa, but she was subdued by Mar and sent to Takara's stronghold. She escaped custody, retrieved the transponder, returned it to Ka'Pa, and secured the New Republic supplies.[1]


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