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In 3 ABY, the Freemakers undertook a mission to the third moon of Takodana to collect three golden orbs for the pirate Hondo Ohnaka. During the mission, the Freemakers came into conflict with several varactyls. They abandoned their mission after learning that the orbs were varactyl eggs. The Freemakers then returned to Maz Kanata's castle to confront Hondo.


After learning that Naare was an undercover Sith agent, the Freemakers fled the Wheel in their starship StarScavenger and headed into hyperspace. While fleeing Naare's Eclipse Fighter, their starship's quantum field regulator was damaged. During the journey, the regulator broke off and the StarScavenger exited hyperspace above the planet Takodana. Zander managed to land the StarScavenger outside Maz Kanata's castle on the edge of Nymeve Lake. However, he scratched a starship belonging to the Weequay pirate Hondo Ohnaka.[3]

Two of Hondo's crew members, Grummgar and a human, brought Zander before Hondo. Hondo demanded that Zander pay for the damage. When Rowan Freemaker sprung to his older brother's defense, Hondo grabbed him by the scruff of his color. Before Hondo and his henchmen could harm the two, Maz Kanata intervened and warned the pirates to behave. Kordi Freemaker managed to diffuse the situation by offering to work for Hondo as compensation. She volunteered to leave the StarScavenger as collateral. Hondo agreed and sent the Freemakers to recover three golden orbs from the third moon of Takodana.[3]

The missionEdit

The Freemakers including their B1 battle droid Roger traveled up to the third moon of Takodana in their cramped Mini Scavenger. Following an uncomfortable journey, the Freemakers reached the sinkhole where the golden orbs were kept only to discover that it was guarded by several varactyl lizards. Unable to fight the varactyls, they decided to wait till nightfall. Zander and Kordi devised a plan which involved lowering Roger into the sinkhole to retrieve the orbs while Rowan acted as their "snipe spotter."[3]

Under the cover of darkness, Zander and Kordi flew the scavenger vessel over the sinkhole and lowered Roger inside. Upon learning there were more, Kordi told Roger to pick as many orbs as he could. However, the droid had slippery fingers and his fumbling aroused the varactyls. The varactyls ripped Roger apart and dragged the scavenger vessel to the ground. Rowan ignited Naare's stolen lightsaber and briefly toyed with giving in to the dark side of the Force and striking the varactyls in anger. However, Rowan chose to heed the light side of the Force and quickly realized that the golden orbs were varacytl eggs.[3]

Using the Force, Rowan managed to communicate with the varactyls and make peace with them. He apologized to the varactyls on behalf of the Freemakers for stealing their eggs. The following morning, Zander repaired Roger and the Freemakers returned to Maz Kanata's castle to confront Hondo.[3]


After returning to Maz Kanata's castle, the Freemakers led by Rowan confronted Hondo and his crew about the "golden orbs." One of the crew members admitted that varactyl eggs fetched a high price on the black market. Displeased with the Freemakers, Hondo ordered his men to break their heads. However, he was stopped by Maz Kanata who expelled Hondo and his crew. Taking pity on the Freemakers, Maz gave Zander a new quantum regulator for their ship. She also gave Rowan the fourth Kyber Saber crystal and counselled him to look for the Maker of Zoh in his time of need.[3]

Before the Freemakers could leave Takodana, they were ambushed by Naare and Graballa. Naare had struck an alliance with Graballa to hunt for the Kyber Saber crystals by using Roger's transmission pack as a homing beacon. Naare stole the fourth Kyber Saber crystal from Rowan. She pursued the Freemakers to Ningoth and Naboo and stole the crystals from them.[2] In an attempt to prevent Naare from finding the seventh crystal, the Freemakers traveled to Zoh to seek the help of the Maker.[4]

Behind the scenesEdit

The mission to the third moon of Takodana first appeared in the LEGO Star Wars: The Freemaker Adventures Season One episode "The Test", which premiered on Disney XD on July 25, 2016.


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