Mistryl safe house

The Mistryl safe house.

The Mistryl safe house was a building outside the town of Theed on the Mid Rim world Naboo. It was used by the Mistryl Shadow Guard, a mercenary organization, as a safe place to stage their operations. Inside the house, the mercenaries from Emberlene had built a memorial shrine where they could remember their homeworld and leave offerings. Like most Emberlene memorial shrines it was stocked with Emberlene Essence that evoked memories of the deep woods of the Mistryl's homeworld.

Several slicers worked for the Mistryl at this location. It was guarded by well-armed Mistryl Skirmishers and Mistryl Assault Troopers.

1.5 years ABY a mercenary of the Azure Cabal mercenary organization gained access to the safe house and stole a bottle of Emberlene Essence from the memorial shrine. He then used the essence during an attack on the Cult of M'dweshuu‎ to blame the Mistryl for the attack.

Behind the scenesEdit

This building can be found near the town of Theed in the MMORPG Star Wars Galaxies, near the edge of the no-build zone around the city that prevents players from placing their houses there. It was added as part of the Azure Cabal questline. The building used is a typical Naboo building known as the Medium Naboo House, which can also be crafted and owned by players.[1]


Notes and referencesEdit

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