A Mobile Munitions Complex on Chelloa.

The mobile munitions complex was a class of mobile factories which doubled as hyperspace-capable starships during the Republic Dark Age's Second Charge Matrica. These were employed by Sith Lord Daiman as part of his war machine. Since the Sith frontiers changed rapidly, supply lines had to keep moving. These were used to process raw baradium into weapons.

Prior to the Destruction of Chelloa, Daiman dispatched ten mobile munitions complexes to Chelloa in the Grumani sector, attracting his rival older brother and Sith Lord Odion, who ruled his own independent princedom the Odionate. Odion's Lightning Guard managed to capture these mobile complexes only to discover they were actually kinetic corruptors. The resulting devastation destroyed Chelloa and much of the Lightning Guard with the exception of Odion and Kerra Holt's Freedom Fleet.