"These Modbreks…semi-sentient, wispy, ephemeral beings, hairless as slugs…save for the grotesque blue manes on their undeveloped heads…with their huge eyes and tiny noses and mouths and pointy pale faces…yuck! To put it kindly, they're absolutely repulsive!"
―Modbreks described unflatteringly by Feltipern Trevagg — Gnome-speakernotesListen (file info)[src]

Modbreks were a species of pale-skinned humanoids (or possibly Near-Humans). They had small noses and mouths, sharp facial features and large eyes. They were hairless, save for a mane of blue hair. At least one family of Modbreks lived in Mos Eisley on the desert world of Tatooine.

Some Human males found female Modbreks physically attractive, though the Gotal tax collector Feltipern Trevagg found them to be wispy and insubstantial in appearance, and merely semi-sentient in intellect.