The Model 67 Shrieker was a speeder bike that was fast, lightweight and very maneuverable.



Designed by Ikas-Adno, it resembled the earlier 74-Z speeder bikes of the Galactic Empire. It had a pair of forward directional steering vanes and a variable boost repulsorlift engine. It also had an advanced repulsor field generation system that allowed for rapid altitude changes. It had an elongated seat which gave room for one passenger.[1]

It was named for the characteristic screech its engines made when at full throttle. It was favored by pilots who preferred speed over protection. The Shrieker was made with common parts, and was very easy to maintain or modify.[1]


The Model 67 Shrieker was popular on the Outer Rim due to its low price and ease of operation. Bantha Rawk owned several Model 67s and his children rode them during a fight with Black Sun operatives on Iego.[1]



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