The Model 88-series administration droid was an administration droid used throughout the Galaxy before the Clone Wars.


The Model 88-series was a basic bipedal droid. It was tall and thin, with long limbs. They were built for light to moderate duty in offices or light industrial facilities. They specialized in accounting and analytical skills, and were highly valued by banking and financial firms. They cost 15,000 credits new.

Due to their mathematical skills, they were also often employed by gamblers to assist in cheating.


Designed by the Tiss'shar, the Model 88-series was produced as a clerical and administrative droid several decades before the Clone Wars. The Uhr-Vah-Vo company was bought out by the InterGalactic Banking Clan who were very impressed with the droid. The IGBC used the 88s in all their facilities, but then they were replaced and sold at a deep discount to banks and other companies outside the Clan.

The true reason behind this move revealed itself when the Clone Wars ended. All the droids shut down and it was discovered they were being used for espionage purposes. Because of this, intact 88s were rarely found after the Clone Wars due to people not trusting them and deciding it was safer to just junk them.