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The model CR-28 flame cannon manufactured by Merr-Sonn Munitions, Inc. was a larger version of the regular flamethrower with a longer range, hotter temperature, and greater fuel capacity.


The CR-28 flame cannon was the heaviest of flame projectors. Chiefly a military weapon, the CR-28 needed to be fired from a stable, unmoving platform, mounted on vehicles or fired from a tripod stand. It used a specialized fuel canister for ammunition. Though the weapon was reserved for close quarters, the effects were devastating. The flame cannon shot a large cone of fire 18 meters long and 12 meters wide at the terminus. Replacement tanks for the flame cannon cost 600 credits and weighed 20 kilograms each.[1]

Czerka Arms produced a similar flame weapon, designated the CZ-28 Flamestrike flame cannon.[1]


The Corporate Sector Authority mounted the CR-28 on ground vehicles for use in their brutal crowd control situations.[3]


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