Door: "State your business."
Qui-Gon: "I would like to speak with Captain Neg."
Door: "Captain Neg does not wish to see you."
Qui-Gon: "I'm here for the child called Tomo."
Door: "There is no Tomo here."
Qui-Gon: "I have little tolerance for model Dx5 security doors."
Door: "You are incorrect." [laser batteries emerge] "I am a model Dz5 with improved defenses!"
Qui-Gon Jinn, angering the security door[src]

Model Dz5 security doors were blast doors which included an artificial intelligence with a vocoder and photoreceptor set in them, as well as an advanced laser cannon defense system. Captain Neg's front door was of this type.

The Dz5 was an upgrade of the model Dx5 security door.


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