Model GDA-8 Gambling Droids were a model manufactured by the Herglics of Droxian Trader's League. They were common in casinos on the Rim's Haven worlds, such as Tresidiss. Their gaming programs were usually rigged to favor the house, though most customers knew this and enjoyed trying to figure out which games were rigged. The GDA-8 could accept electronic currency transfers and credit slip payments via comlink tie-ins with local banks and could exchange New Republic, Imperial, and—if programmed to do so—local planetary currencies.

The model had a 1.9-meter-tall semi-humanoid body with two arms and a repulsorlift generator at its base. It had two visual and auditory sensor recorders, a vocabulator speech/sound system, an AA-1 VerboBrain, a video display screen, a currency reservoir (10,000-credit capacity), a credit verification/transfer system, and a gambling database; 100 games, up to 500 with modular memory add-ons. A new model cost 10,000 credits.