Modified Technology Systems was a company operating in the Cularin system in the times before the Clone Wars. It provided some local fantasy sets of Genarius with the atrezzo they needed.

In 31 BBY, prestigious scientist Dr. Shilaea Motacc joined rival company Usable Resource Location, Recovery, and Development Corporation (U.R.L.R.D.) instead of Modified Technology Systems. Certain members of Modified Technology Systems decided to kidnap Motacc and force her to work for them, without paying her any money. U.R.L.R.D. gave Dr. Motacc a vacation in Rorkee, a city of Genarius famous because of its reproduction of the Dorumaa Excavation. Modified Technology Systems staged a falsely-accidental cave-in during Motacc's visit and abducted her.

Motacc was caged in a small place, where a hooded figure tried to threaten her. People outside the crime believed her to have died, except because of persistent rumors in the city.

However, Motacc's manager at U.R.L.R.D., Fesvk Wefos, suspected dirty play and sent an independent team to investigate. Wefos's team found and rescued Motacc, returning her to U.R.L.R.D. later — however, the implication of Modified Technology Systems was not discovered.

Behind the scenesEdit

Modified Technology Systems is mentioned only in Head in the Clouds, the first adventure of the Clouds of Genarius trilogy. The third adventure, Into the Storm Clouds, suggests that Motacc recognized some of her workmates in U.R.L.R.D. as the people behind their kidnapping.