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This modified holdout blaster was a holdout blaster, the base model of which was manufactured by Czerka Corporation some time after the Jedi Civil War. The weapon had been taken from the corpse of a hired thug who attacked the Jedi Exile while she attempted to escort a droid intelligence to the Ithorian compound on Citadel Station. Upgraded with a number of illegal modifications, the weapon had not been checked and inspected as required by Telosian law at that time. The Exile presented the blaster to Telosian Security Force Lieutenant Dol Grenn for inspection, who informed her of a smuggling ring in operation on the station. Grenn suggested showing the weapon to various denizens of Citadel; eventually she showed it to the Duros merchant Samhan Dobo, who operated a merchant kiosk. Dobo admitted that he had sold the weapon and, armed with this information, the Exile informed Grenn.

After agreeing to work as an undercover agent for station security, the Exile agreed to serve as a smuggler for Dobo as part of an operation to break his cartel. Working with the TSF, she was able to acquire the supplies needed to lure Dobo and his contact, an employee of Czerka Corporation, into a police raid. After attempting to kill the arresting officers with a grenade, Dobo was subdued after a short fight and taken into custody.