Modigal Glave was an experienced Imperial commando who became a Storm Commando during his career.


During the Battle of Kestos Minor, he sustained injuries to his face, when a blaster bolt shattered his helmet and sent dura-armor splinters into his face. Despite the immense pain, Glave fought on, eventually subduing the Alliance forces present. As reward for his actions, he was promoted into an elite unit which would one day become the Storm Commandos. Additionally, he was given the Imperial Medal of Valor.

He went on to become a veteran of over 30 intense battles before being assigned to serve Governor Klime. During his tenure, Glave was ordered to scout the Ishanna system, which Klime ruled with an iron fist.

He lead a group of stormtroopers to the system's Combat Moon, where the two battle champions Mika Streev and Sh'shak were dueling. Being led by a Rabaanite traitor, Andos Delvaren, they attempted to cause a war between the Rabaanites and the S'krrr by capturing and killing the two combatants.

Having nearly caught them twice, Glave managed to shoot Sh'shak in the thorax, seriously wounding him. He was eventually stopped, when Streev and his fellow Rabaanite Leda Kyss counterattacked.

They were all eventually captured, but when a rescue attempt staged by the Rebel Alliance took place, Glave managed to shoot Kyss dead, but had his arm cut off by Streev. In the end, Glave and his Imperial force had to withdraw from the Combat Moon before the Alliance could reinforce the warriors.