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"Meet Moff Tarkin, crime lord. Sector governor of Greater Seswenna and more."
Darth Vader, to Faazah[src]

Moff was a rank held by sector governors of the First Galactic Empire. In the fifth year of Emperor Sheev Palpatine's reign, there was a fixed number of twenty Moffs, who answered to the Imperial Ruling Council. That year, the senior rank of Grand Moff was created and awarded to Wilhuff Tarkin.[14] As a symbol of their charge, Moffs wore a rank insignia plaque bearing ten colored squares: five blue over three red and two gold.[16]

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In Star Wars: Episode VI Return of the Jedi, Moff Jerjerrod wore the rank plaque of a mere commander[17] due to a costuming error.[18] The rank badge specific to Moffs was first depicted in an illustration by Joe Corroney for Tarkin Revealed, an article by Michael Kogge that was published in Star Wars Insider 153.[16]



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