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Lars' Homestead

A Tatooine moisture farm.

"Moisture farms are hot and lonely. And besides, they’re all on miserable desert worlds, like Tatooine. End of discussion. Period."
Luke Skywalker[src]

Moisture farms were often found on dry planets such as Tatooine or Ord Mantell, where the arid climate made water a scarce commodity. Moisture farmers maintained moisture vaporators to gather water for themselves as well as to sell to others. They also used the gathered moisture to irrigate crops, which were grown underground, sheltered from the hot sun (or suns, as is the case in the binary star system of Tatoo).

Cliegg Lars maintained a moisture farm on Tatooine, where he lived with his son Owen and his second wife Shmi. Owen and his wife Beru later inherited the farm, and raised Luke Skywalker there. Another moisture farmer was Orin Bold.



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