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Mokada's Place was a restaurant located in Nirama's public asteroid.

Mokada's Place's front door was a blue blast door underneath a red arch, with the restaurant's name printed upon the door. Once the door was closed, there were no controls to unlock it from the inside. This might have been a change made by the Cell, but Riboga the Hutt had never been concerned about fire code violations. Inside the restaurant was split into three levels, each being 1.5 meters apart. A hallway ran from the back of the second level to the kitchen. A railing ran along the third level. Three meters above the third level was a balcony area overlooking the restaurant, which was large and strong enough to support hundreds of individuals.

By 31 BBY, the business had been closed for some time, being littered with trash, and with many of its furnishings destroyed. Its run-down remains were used at least once by the Cell as a place to test potential recruits. In that particular test, the recruits faced down Bender, a juvenile rancor, as a group before having other skills tested individually against Cell members.

This group of recruits was arrested by Nirama's security forces within days after the tests, so the Cell abandoned Mokada's Place. Nirama's forces found Bender tied up in the kitchen soon after.


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