Mokshok was a Swokes Swokes diplomat and, later, pirate.


Mokshok served as the ambassador of his homeworld, Makem Te, a role in which he had to attend innumerable meetings, attend to protocol, and wear ceremonial garb.[1] By the Clone Wars, however, Mokshok served as the first mate of the Black Hole Pirates, under the leadership of captain Hethra Mcgrrrr, a role he held for a long period of time. After the Trandoshan bounty hunter Bossk was added to the Black Hole's roster, Mokshok found himself having to resist the newcomer's efforts to usurp the Swokes Swokes's authority. In one incident, for instance, a Human smuggler who had just been taken aboard the pirates' starship, the Random Mallet, convinced Mokshok that Bossk had been talking ill about him. This eventually prompted the Swokes Swokes to punch the Transoshan and knock him unconscious.[2] Nevertheless, Bossk eventually managed to remove the Swokes Swokes from power and become Mcgrrr's new first mate.[3]


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