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Wanted poster for the Marauder of Endor

Molecular mayhem was a type of crime in some jurisdictions. A male Sanyassan known as the "Marauder of Endor" was known to have at least 79 convictions and counts for a plethora of felonies, including the misdemeanor of molecular mayhem.[1]

Behind the scenesEdit

Molecular mayhem was mentioned in a one-page wanted poster for the Marauder of Endor, written by Bob Carrau for the 1993 book Monsters and Aliens from George Lucas, a publication that combines creature designs and photographs from various projects of George Lucas, creator of the Star Wars franchise, with original text by Carrau.[1] Lucasfilm employee Leland Chee, who maintains the Holocron continuity database, has indicated that information contained in the book is non-canonical.[2]


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