"Yeah, and he's—"
"Only related to us because his brother married Aunt Beryl."
―Zak and Tash Arranda[src]

Moloch Hoole[2] was a male Shi'ido,[1] a species from planet Lao-mon.[3] He married the Human female Beryl, an aunt to the Alderaanian children Tash and Zak Arranda. His brother Mammon Hoole became an acclaimed scientist during the reign of the Galactic Emperor Palpatine.[1]

Behind the scenesEdit

"The Arranda parents and Hoole's brother were strangely unnamed in Galaxy of Fear. Hoole's brother in particular is hardly mentioned during the series."
―Adrick Tolliver[src]

Mammon Hoole's brother was first mentioned in 1997, in John Whitman's novel Galaxy of Fear: Eaten Alive. However, he was not identified as "Moloch" until 2009, when Adrick Tolliver wrote Death in the Slave Pits of Lorrd, a piece of short fiction that appeared on

Tolliver thought it was odd Hoole's brother went unnamed while his wife was clearly identified as "Beryl", so he came up with "Moloch"—the name of a demon from John Milton's Paradise Lost. Variants of "Belial" and "Mammon", also used as demons by Milton, had previously been used as Shi'ido names.[4]



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