The Molten Sulfur Pits was a large swamp on the forest moon of Endor in between Bright Tree Village and Morag's lair. The molten sulfur that bubbled from the swamp was deadly to many creatures on Endor, and a large bridge across the pits allowed creatures such as the Ewoks to avoid the swamp. When Morag the Tulgah witch reanimated the Kreegon, the Ewok Chief Chirpa decided to lead the beast to the sulfur pits, hoping to destroy it. However, Morag's power over the beast meant that the Kreegon was invulnerable while under her power. Although the Ewoks were able to trick the Kreegon into entering the sulfur pits, it only became covered in fiery sulfur, making it even more dangerous. The Ewoks were eventually able to trick Morag into destroying the creature herself.


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