"I read about this Mon Cal microplankton you can wash into your hair, where it bonds with each strand and emits a pulsating, bioluminescent glow."
―Wren writes about the microplankton in her journal[src]

A species of bioluminescent microplankton were native to the planet Mon Cala. The microplankton could be used as a hair dye if it was washed into an individuals hair, as it would bond with each hair strand and then emit pulsating glow. The Mandalorian artist and demolitions expert Sabine Wren read about the microplankton and wrote about them in her journal around five years before the Battle of Yavin. Despite wanting to try coloring her hair with the microplankton, Wren wrote that she thought having glowing hair would probably be detrimental to any stealth missions she undertook.[1]

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The microplankton was first mentioned in Sabine My Rebel Sketchbook, a reference book written by Daniel Wallace and published in 2015.


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