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Mon Cala, also known as Mon Calamari or Dac, was an oceanic planet located in the Mon Calamari system, a binary star system[3] positioned in the Calamari sector of the galaxy's Outer Rim Territories.[1] Although some cities on Mon Cala were built underwater, there also existed cities built on the surface of the ocean.[13] Although the planet was inhabited by two separate sentient species, the peaceful Mon Calamari and the more bellicose Quarren, it was ruled over by a single monarch. Despite their differences, the two peoples had respected each other for the longest time.[3]

During the Clone Wars, the eighty-second king of Mon Cala, Yos Kolina, was murdered. While his young son, Prince Lee-Char, was supposed to take the mantle, the Quarren refused to accept him as their leader. A brief civil war was instigated by Separatist commander Riff Tamson, Kolina's murderer,[2] after which Lee-Char was crowned the eighty-third King of Mon Cala.[10]

Following the Galactic Empire's subjugation of Mon Cala, the Mon Calamari retaliated by becoming a key species involved in the Alliance to Restore the Republic, supplying warships to the struggling Alliance Fleet.[11]

Mon Cala was one of the worlds Emperor Sheev Palpatine intended to target following the completion of the second Death Star, which he planned to use to destroy the rebel stronghold and wipe out the Rebellion through sheer terror.[14]

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