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The Mon Calamari Council, sometimes known as Dac Council or Calamarian Council, was the governing body on the planet Dac, made up of both Mon Calamari and Quarren which represented their respective cities. An example was Gial Ackbar, the representative from Coral City.


After the rise of the Separatist Movement, Count Dooku visited Mon Calamari. Judging them to be advanced, Dooku offered the world membership in the Confederacy of Independent Systems, but the Council formally rejected his offer. Dooku decided to neutralize this potential threat, and allied himself with Tikkes to take the power from the Council.

During the Clone Wars, the Council was briefly overturned by the Quarren Isolation League. However, the Mon Calamari Knights, with a little help from the Jedi Council, allowed the Calamarian Council to retain their power.

They could not, however, resist Emperor Palpatine, and became a part of the Galactic Empire soon after that. However, after the Battle of Yavin, the Council agreed to become a part of the Rebel Alliance.

They were fearing Imperial retribution, especially when Administrator Seegree disappeared. The Council feared that he had been kidnapped by Imperial forces, but joined a task force to locate him.

At some point, the Empire dispatched a team of infiltrators to disrupt a farium mining operation in the city Morjanssik on Mon Calamari, to prevent the planet from supplying starships to the Rebel Alliance. After the Imperials caused a number of suspicious accidents to occur in the mine, the Mon Calamari Council became divided as to the cause of the accidents and became politically paralyzed. The Council's Mon Calamari members suspected Imperial involvement, while the Council's Quarren members refuted the allegations, which they believed called into question the competence of the Quarren miners that operated the mine.[1]

After the Battle of Endor and the reborn Emperor's attacks on their planet, one of the World Devastators, the Nullifier-5, sunk on the Algae Sward. The Council decided that salvaging it was too expensive, so it was only deactivated. However, a time after that, the Nullifier-5 began to suffer leaks and threatened to poison the Algae Sward, so the Council asked an independent team to solve this problem.

In 137 ABY, Darth Krayt, alongside Sith and Imperial stormtroopers executed the entire Council, including Gial Gahan, for being allies with Gar Stazi.



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