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"This ship stinks of fish. Or so I would imagine. The Mon Calamari are such a disgusting species."
―General Grievous[src]

This Mon Calamari vessel was used during the Clone Wars by Mon Calamari allied with the Galactic Republic.[1]


The vessel appeared to be of a similar length to a Lucrehulk-class battleship and was fitted with weapons-blisters like the later MC80 Star Cruisers. There was a large hangar opening located on the vessel's starboard side.[1]


This vessel was attacked by two Trade Federation battleships commanded by General Grievous while carrying a group of Padawans and their Jedi protector, the Abyssin Jedi Master Quarmall. The ship was boarded and all of its Calamari crew were killed. Quarmall was shot by B1 battle droids and left for dead but he managed to survive due to his Abyssin physiology. The Padawans were captured and imprisoned by the general.[1]


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