A Mon Calamari submersible a type of underwater craft that was a common way of getting around the oceans of Dac. Cilghal used one to transport Leia Organa Solo to Gial Ackbar's residence during his self-imposed exile. As with many Mon Calamari vehicles, no two were alike. The typical one was covered in an iridescent surface resembling fish scales. A typical submarine cost 18,000 credits new, or 7,000 used.

Variant modelsEdit


The Elfa.

There were a variety of different models and sizes of submersible used by the Mon Calamari on Dac, such as the Calamarian minisub. Some variants of the class had two large grappling arms attached to the main body, while a military model also existed, which was equipped with a torpedo launcher.

A notable Minisub was Elfa which belonged to a Yarin harbormaster at Crystal Reef. It was used by the Jedi Cilghal, Jacen, Tenel Ka, Zekk, and their companion Anja Gallandro to destroy a hidden stash of andris spice beneath a polar ice cap on Dac in 24 ABY.



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A Mon Calamari submersible.

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