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"To state our allegations, I present Queen Amidala, recently elected ruler of Naboo, who speaks on our behalf."
Senator Palpatine, to the Galactic Senate[src]

The Monarch of Naboo was the elected king or queen of the human denizens of the planet of Naboo. The Naboo often elected young women, believing they possessed a form of pure, childlike wisdom that the adults lacked.[7] Queens of Naboo included Padmé Amidala, who served two terms,[2] the first of which included the Invasion of Naboo;[1] Jamillia, who served shortly before the outbreak of the Clone Wars;[2] Neeyutnee, who served during the war;[3] Apailana, who served during the early days of the Galactic Empire;[8] and Sosha Soruna, who served around the time following the Battle of Endor.[5] The queen was aided by the Naboo Royal Advisory Council.[6]



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