Mone was an Inleshat, the son the leader of the School, Primor.


He was considered to be irresponsible by his father and was the first to meet Lando Calrissian and Luke Skywalker when they landed on the planet looking for Tay Vanis. Mone accompanied them on a mission to Gamandar. They were captured there, but escaped due to the work of R2-D2. Upon returning to Iskalon, they found the floating city of Pavillion destroyed by a tidal wave, and Mone's wife and father dead. Mone took up the mantle of leadership. He forbade the Alliance to return to Iskalon to prevent the Empire attacking again.

Later, he paired with Dania Francis, who helped him to know the people's will and to find solace in his own feelings.[1]

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