Monk was a Human male admiral of the Galactic Republic who fought against the Sith Empire during the Galactic War, while simultaneously working as a double agent for Sith Lord Darth Baras.


During the early years of the Cold War, Monk betrayed the Republic and began to secretly serve the Sith Empire as a turncoat for Darth Baras.

In 3642 BBY Monk was targeted by Baras as part of the Plan Zero and was informed by Baras that Darth Vengean's flagship was in orbit over Quesh and had launched a surprise attack. Baras ordered his apprentice to track down kill Monk, however the admiral and his top men had fled the space battle and jettisoned to the planet before the Sith even arrived on the scene. On Quesh, Monk and his men made a stand inside Fort Phalanx, where the Sith Warrior engaged them and struck them all down. Monk was disgusted at the treachery of Baras, who acted to take him down with seemingly no reason and told the apprentice that no one was safe from Baras, not even the Warrior himself, before dying. This prediction came true, ironically on Quesh itself, where Baras betrayed and tried to kill his apprentice.