"This thing is basically an insect droid packed with Fly Eye hardware, running a movement subroutine that makes it flutter overhead and bash itself into glow lanterns."
Chentu Chek[src]

The moon moth espionage droid was a droid developed by Arakyd Industries.


"The Moon Moth's programmable wings can go from Socorran sand-brown to Felucian phosphorescent."
Chentu Chek[src]

It was very hard to tell apart from a real moon moth, a common pest on hundreds of planets. Its operating distance was up to 10 000 meters. Since it was easily overlooked, and often dismissed as a small insect, it was useful as an espionage droid. They obeyed only basic commands, including a self-destruct command. They were also capable of depositing "eggs" on targets, which were actually tracking beacons.


Den Dhur used this device for spying on conversation between Filba the Hutt and Admiral Tarnese Bleyd, in which he used a headset equipped with a display and a handheld control unit to operate the moon moth.. Later the Equani spy, Klo Merit used the same device to provide the information to the Confederacy of Independent Systems on the planet of Drongar. He witnessed the death of Filba the Hutt remotely via the droid. The feigned moth was grabbed by Admiral Tarnese Bleyd as it flew past him. He crushed it within his hand.

Crix Madine used a moon moth droid to track Durga Besadii Tai to the Hoth asteroid field during the Darksaber crisis.

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Moon Moth

A moon moth.


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