"We do have an ex-Imperial in our pocket who might have some information for you. Sergeant Moore owed Nym several thousand credits. He'll probably tell you whatever you need to know, for a price."
Jinkins to a spacer[src]

Moore was a male Human who served as a sergeant in the Imperial Army until he was discharged.


Moore joined the Imperial Army and eventually rose to the rank of sergeant. At some point of time before 1 ABY he was sent to the planet Lok where he worked in the Imperial Mine. During his stay on the barren outlaw world, he got involved with the Lok Revenants and Nym himself and borrowed several thousand credits from the pirate warlord. When the Empire found out about his deal with Nym in approx. 1 ABY[1], he was to be executed. But Moore had friends in the Tagge family who put in a good word, so Moore was merely kicked out instead of killed.

After he had to leave the Imperial Army, Moore spent most of his time in the Stronghold Cantina in Nym's Stronghold. Nym's pirates occasionally paid him for information about the Empire's local operations. In 1 ABY a spacer sent by Jinkins paid him 150 credits for Moore's insider knowledge about the Imperial mine and the droidekas that guarded the facility. Soon after the spacer visited him again and paid him for information about the Imperial Research Facility.

Behind the scenesEdit

Sergeant Moore is a Non-Player Character (NPC) in Sony Online Entertainment's MMORPG Star Wars Galaxies. He can be found in the Stronghold Cantina in Nym's Stronghold on Lok. Moore is part of Nym's Theme Park, a series of quests for Nym and his pirates. With the overhaul of the Theme Park in 2010, Moore's dialogue was slightly expanded.


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  1. Moore mentions that he hasn't worked at the research facility for months

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