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Moota Engatoo was a male merchant who was active during the reign of the Galactic Empire.[1] In the year 2 BBY,[2] he was present at a remote outpost on the desert planet of Tatooine; and there he told young Padawan Ezra Bridger some information on where to go next in his search for Maul,[1] the former Sith Lord who intended to kill Jedi Master Obi-Wan Kenobi.[3]

Behind the scenesEdit

The character Moota Engatoo was intended to appear in "Twin Suns,"[1] the twentieth episode of the animated television series Star Wars Rebels' third season.[4] Engatoo was fully designed prior to being cut from the episode[1] due to time constraints.[5] In the early drafts of the episode, Ezra Bridger was supposed to go to Tatooine along with his master Kanan Jarrus and follow a path of clues left by Maul,[6] including a visit to a remote outpost where Engatoo would give Bridger some information that would lead to Maul.[1] The idea of Jarrus' involvement was ultimately abandoned[5] and Bridger was guided by the holocron fragments instead of clues.[3][6]



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