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Mora was a female Human who was heir to the monarchy on M'haeli. She was quite skilled in repairing machinery of all types, from speeders to droids, to cybernetic limbs.


Mora's family was killed when the Galactic Empire took control of M'haeli. Mora was orphaned and adopted by a kind-hearted H'drachi seer named Ch'no who raised her as his own, and Mora became quite adept at scrounging for and repairing junk, eventually gaining a reputation as a skilled mechanic.

When Mora turned eighteen, she was working as a mechanic when she caught the eye of a young Imperial Officer, Ranulf Trommer who had been sent to her by governor Grigor with a damaged protocol droid in need of repair. Grigor, suspecting Trommer was sent to spy on him, intended to eliminate Trommer as a rebel operative in a raid on Mora's shop. However, real rebels, including Leia Organa, whom Mora recognized her from her wanted posters, had already approached Mora for her technical skills in order to have her modify a number of Asteroid-3 swoops. When stormtroopers swept in to arrest Trommer, Mora fought back, with the nearby rebels joining in. Afterward, Trommer and Mora fled her shop with the rebels, and together they sabotaged Grigor's dragite crystal mine and left to join the Rebel Alliance.

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