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"Careful we must be. Deserted this planet was, long ago, after many wars."

Moraband, known in antiquity as Korriban, was an Outer Rim planet that was home to the ancient Sith. The desolate and mountainous world was abandoned after many ancient wars. The Valley of the Dark Lords on the planet's surface was the final resting place of Darth Bane, the Sith Lord who created the Rule of Two. During the Clone Wars, Yoda ventured to the abandoned world as part of his journey to discover the secrets of eternal consciousness.



Moraband landscape

A world of mountains and red sands, Moraband was abandoned after widespread devastation during numerous wars.[3] Located on the surface was the Valley of the Dark Lords,[4] a wasteland filled with the tombs of ancient Sith Lords such as Darth Bane, among others.[3]


"Master Yoda has come to Moraband, although why, I do not know. We shall, however, use the strong bond that once existed between you and your master to allow us to see things that we otherwise could not."
―Darth Sidious, to Darth Tyranus[src]

Moraband[5] also known in the past as Korriban,[2] was the homeworld of the Sith.[5] It was left an abandoned wasteland after many wars, though its existence was never forgotten by the Sith.[3] Darth Bane, who created the Rule of Two, was the last Sith Lord to be buried in the Valley of the Dark Lords prior to its abandonment.[6] During the Clone Wars, Yoda was sent to Moraband by the Force Priestesses as part of his journey to discover the secrets of eternal consciousness. Once there, he encountered a number of Sith spirits, including that of Darth Bane himself. As he ventured further into the Valley of the Dark Lords, he encountered visions created by Darth Sidious, the reigning Dark Lord of the Sith who attempted to corrupt Yoda to help win the Clone Wars. The plan failed, and Yoda left Moraband behind.[3]


The Valley of the Dark Lords was an area of Moraband that contained numerous monuments serving as crypts for deceased Darks Lords of the Sith. The largest monument in the valley housed the tomb of Darth Bane, the founder of the Rule of Two.[3]

Sith templeEdit


Sith temple entrance

The Sith temple was the largest monument in the Valley of the Dark Lords, a corridor of ancient monuments that serve as crypts for the Dark Lords of the Sith. It contained the tomb of Darth Bane, the Sith Lord who founded the Rule of Two, and a massive execution chamber that the ancient Sith used to sacrifice Jedi prisoners.[4]

Behind the scenesEdit

Korriban Valley TOR

Concept art of Korriban for Star Wars: The Old Republic

The planet Moraband was first mentioned in "Destiny," an episode in the sixth season of the animated television series Star Wars: The Clone Wars, and made its first appearance in the following episode, "Sacrifice." Moraband was heavily based on the Star Wars Legends world Korriban,[7] which first appeared in the 1994 comic book Tales of the Jedi: Dark Lords of the Sith 2: The Quest for the Sith.[8] During the production of "Sacrifice," The Clone Wars team initially called the planet Korriban, but George Lucas preferred the name Moraband. The name was changed to reflect his wishes, but Lucasfilm noted upon release of the episode that a planet as ancient as Moraband could have had several different names throughout its existence.[7] Its location in the Outer Rim Territories was confirmed in a galactic map created for Star Wars: The Force Awakens: The Visual Dictionary,[1] which placed it in the same point in space as Korriban was in Star Wars Legends.[9]



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