Morana was a female criminal and the sister of the Forceful Torva.


A female, Morana and her sister, Torva, had a falling out when Morana began a life of crime. When Torva entered a Force nexus, the Forceful young woman was presented by an illusion projected by the Force. Torva recognized her sister standing alongside a man, a woman, and a child chained to posts at the center of the room. Vowing to save her sister, Torva accused Morana of pillaging and killing before engaging in a brief duel, knocking aside Morana's vibrosword with her lightsaber. When Morana disengaged and attempted to execute the captives, Torva speared her sister through with her lightsaber pike. As the apparition of Morana faded away to nothing, Torva exited the cave, having successfully moved closer to becoming a Jedi.[1]


Notes and referencesEdit

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