Morana Fal was a female born on the planet Ord Mantell. She was a criminal who was sentenced to death in gladiatorial combat in the Soruus system. She was among the combatants provided with a JX4 Gladiator Prototype battle armor in order for the model to be tested. Morana managed to escape the arena, taking advantage of a diversion created by sabotage. Subsequently, she and a group of fellow escapees committed atrocious crimes against the galactic public. Eventually, the Galactic Empire set out to hunt down the escapees. Morana, however, managed to evade the Empire, and in the process she obtained an extra JX4 armor in addition to her own.[2]

She ended up in the employ of the crime lord known as Boss Kaggle on the planet Lanthrym where a group of adventurers attempted to capture her in order to retrieve her battle armors and to claim the bounty of 10,000 credits, the Empire had issued on her head.[2] The bounty hunter Staven tracked Fal for almost a year, cornering her on at a waterfront on Ord Mantell. Staven withdrew from combat when it became clear that Fal's armor gave her the advantage. Another hunter, Trityn, used her habit of frequenting waterfronts to their advantage. During the engagement, Fal fired her armor's conner net at Trityn; the bounty hunter deflected it into the water and the resulting short-circuit resulted in her capture.[1]


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