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"The farm’s gone. The Empire wanted the land to extend their mining operations."
―Moreena Krai explains what happened to her family's farm[src]

A human girl was born as the younger sister of Moreena Krai on the planet Lothal, where she lived with her family on a farm. When the girl's sister was fourteen years old, the Galactic Empire condemned her family's farm and took the land as it was needed for extension of Imperial mining operations on Lothal. This caused the girl's family to decide it was time to move to live with the girl's grandmother on the planet Alderaan. The family left Lothal via Capital City spaceport, where Moreena Krai said goodbye to her friend Ezra Bridger before they left on a transport.[1]

Behind the scenesEdit

Moreena Krai's sister first appeared, but was not named, in Ezra's Gamble, a junior novel written by Ryder Windham and released in 2014.


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