"Yes, yes, all very interesting, I'm sure. But enough talk of business. You're not eating your quaffles. Try them: they're quite good. First you bite their heads off to stop them from squiggling around so much…"
―Moren Chonk[src]

Moren Chonk was a male Quarren who lived on the planet Mon Calamari during the Galactic Civil War. After working as the leader of the Morjanssik Sanitation Bureau, Chonk was elected as the Chief Manager of the city Morjanssik. However, Chonk was an ineffectual leader and he acted as a figurehead, delegating the running of the city to his adviser, Assistant Manager Kelmut Wolg. Imperial saboteurs began disrupting mining operations in the city in an attempt to prevent Mon Calamari from supplying starships to the Rebel Alliance, so the Alliance dispatched a team of agents to Morjanssik to root out the infiltrators. Little did he know however, that Wolg himself was among the saboteurs. The Mon Calamari Council representative Kalbrac introduced the agents to Chonk and Wolg and a short time later, Chonk was murdered by the Imperials. Wolg blamed the Rebels for Chonk's death and he immediately issued a warrant for their arrest.



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