"Welcome to Moraga. My name is Morfizo. And you are…?"
―Morfizo greets Jarrus[src]

Morfizo was a pale skinned and yellow-eyed Moragan who lived on the planet Moraga shortly after the end of the Clone Wars. When the former Jedi padawan Caleb Dume landed on Moraga in his starship the Escape, Morfizo greeted him as he exited the vessel and asked for his name. Wanting to leave his old life as a Jedi behind him, Dume identified himself to Morfizo as Kanan Jarrus; a name he would continue to use for many years.[2]

Fifteen years after, Morfizo was arrested and taken by the Empire for having joined a rebel cell, so a message was sent to Kanan, hoping he could save Morfizo. Kanan saved Morfizo from Rae Sloane and took him, along with his wife, Morfizia, and the rest of his family, to their new home on Kaller.[1]

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Morfizo first appeared in the fifth issue of Star Wars: Kanan, a comic book series released in 2015. The issue was written by Greg Weisman and illustrated by Pepe Larraz.



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