"Welcome to my humble shop. Are you the Jedi called Mander Zuma?"
―Morga Bunna[src]

Morga Bunna was a male Bosph who lived during the reign of the New Republic. Bunna worked as a bounty hunter, but later retired from his profession and established a depot on one of the moons of the planet Bosph, which served as a cache point for illicit items. For a time, supplies of the spice Tempest were stored in Bunna's facility, but he had them removed in 19 ABY after the Jedi archivist Mander Zuma and the spacers Reen Irana and Eddey Be'ray began shutting down the Tempest trade. A group of mercenaries were sent to defend Bunna's base on the behalf of one of his clients, and three days later Zuma and his associates arrived at the depot, intent on tracing the Tempest trade to its source. Bunna spoke with Zuma and refused to give the Jedi access to his computer records, because the Bosph wanted to protect the identities of his clients, for business reasons. However, the forces of Zuma's allies in the Corporate Sector Authority arrived moments later, and Bunna was compelled to surrender. Zuma subsequently requested that the CSA let Bunna go, rather than arrest him, because the Bosph had been straightforward with Zuma and had not tried to deceive the Jedi.


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