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A supply depot was opened on the outermost moon of Bosph in the Bosph system by the retired Bosph bounty hunter Morga Bunna. The supply depot took up much of the small moon and much of it was buried beneath the it's surface in areas Morga had had drilled though himself. One side of the depot consisted of a translucent pleasure dome for Bunna. The depot itself was used mainly for storage of illicit items which the owners did not want to have to look after themselves or for anonymous drops between clients who did not want to meet face to face.

A large amount of the spice known as Tempest was stored in the depot at one point, however when the Jedi archivist Mander Zuma, along with the Bothan Eddey Be'ray and Pantoran Reen Irana, a pair of spacers, begun shutting down the spice trade across Hutt Space and the Corporate Sector, most of his Tempest was withdrawn and the trader refused any further deposits of it. Zuma and his companions eventually visited Bunna, but by that time all of the spice he had stored was gone and the Bosph had hired a group of mercenaries to defend himself. The Jedi attempted to persuade Bunna into giving up his clients but the Bosph refused stating that he didn't have any details since most of his business was done through blind drops, although he did give them a data cube recording each anonymous transaction. The Jedi had anticipated such a refusal however and when Bunna asked him to leave while backed up by the mercenaries, a Corporate Sector Authority vessel, the Invincible-class Dreadnaught Heavy Cruiser Resolute appeared over the moon in support of Zuma. Bunna maintained that he had no information for the Jedi but agreed to help them find the head of the Bomu Clan of Hutts. The CSA confiscated several items in his inventory stolen from Corporate Sector citizens before leaving his depot.[1]


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