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"I got through to the base while you were getting set up. The rest of Rogue Squadron's on the way, along with every starfighter the base can scramble."
Wedge Antilles to Lando Calrissian, after an Imperial-class Star Destroyer penetrated the Morishim system.[src]

A starfighter base used by the New Republic was located on the planet Morishim.


The base had pyramidal launch towers and berthed three wings of A-wing interceptors and two wings of X-wing starfighters.


The base was built by the New Republic some times after the Imperial forces evacuated the planet.

In 19 ABY, Rogue Squadron was temporarily transferred to this base during General Bel Iblis's mission in the system. He visited the base for a summit with planetary leaders; it was during this meeting that Admiral Gilad Pellaeon attempted to contact Bel Iblis with the Imperial Remnant's offer of surrender.