High Moff Morlish Veed's private office was located in the Imperial Palace on Coruscant and had a direct view of the Temple of the Sith. In 137 ABY, Grand Admiral Veed witnessed an attack on the Sith Temple orchestrated by Morrigan Corde and ordered Skull Squadron to retreat from the fight as the Sith had ordered that their airspace could not be trespassed. Also, after Veed was made Regent, Moff Nyna Calixte met with him at his office. The two engaged in an argument in which Calixte chided him for making a deal the Sith without consulting it first with her, and reminded him that as Regent he would have to assume responsibility for any action carried out by the Sith. The discussion resulted in Calixte being physically attacked by the enraged Regent.


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