"You need to move, old man."
"Or what, you'll kill me, like poor Tenno did his father?
―Flass and Morro[src]

Morro was an elder of Drop Canyon on the planet Ceriun in 1000 BBY.


Morro was one of several elders who met to decided what course of action to take about a Holocron that was recovered from a Jedi starship that had crashed near their village. The dying Jedi had bequeathed the elders with the artifact, which he requested that they keep safe until another Jedi appeared to claim it.

When the elders met to debate the matter of the holocron, Tenno, a local youth, and his friends armed themselves and appeared at the meeting to seize the holocron for the Sith. A brawl broke out, during which several of the adults were killed. Morro himself was slain by his own son, Flass, who killed his father with an axe blow to his face.



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