"Demanna is all about Demanna."
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Mors Demanna was a Chagrian male and the head enforcer of the Musori's slaver gang that resided on Telerath in the town of Noua.


An excellent swordsman, Demanna was participating in a sword match that attracted a large crowd, when a young boy named Dado expressed his desire to fight him next. Demanna, seeing that Dado was too young to participate in the combat, told him to get lost. Dado, however, was too proud to do so, and drew his sword to engage Demanna. At this moment, former Jedi Dass Jennir used his blaster and the Force to shoot the sword out of Demanna's hand, as well as out of the hands of the other Chagrian slavers present. Another Chagrian tried to shoot Jennir at the back, but Demanna ordered him to stop, pointing out that it was against the law. After explaining the "Sword law" of Telerath to the offworlder, Demanna killed the Chagrian who tried to break it and then cut off Dado's right hand, saying that it should be a lesson for the young fisherman to remember his place. Later that day, Demanna had a conversation with Boss Musori about the encounter. Musori ordered Demanna to offer Jennir a place in the gang, and kill him if he refused.


Demanna duels Jennir.

Demanna approached Jennir and invited him to Musori's house, where he engaged the Human in non-lethal swordplay. Eventually, Demanna was able to best Jennir, who conceded defeat. As Musori praised Demanna, Jennir retorted that he has no honor being involved with slave trade. Demanna didn't take kindly to be insulted and drew his sword, but Jennir was convinced that he wouldn't strike down an unarmed man, for it wouldn't be "honorable".

Sometime later, Ken-Kiba spicer gang assaulted Musori's house, breaking the Sword law with blasters and grenades. Musori ordered Demanna to lead his men in a counterattack. This disturbed Demanna, knowing that he'd be sending men off to their deaths, even when Musori thought to buy his men's lives with credits. Seeing that Musori cared for no one but himself, Demanna allowed the spicers to capture him, while he himself escaped the mansion.

As the spicers began taking control of the town, Demanna confronted Jennir as he was about to free Ember Chankeli, the woman who brought him to Telerath in the first place. Demanna accused the Human is destroying his position and honor and vowed retribution. Jennir retorts that he mistakes position for respect and pride for honor, when honor is something no one can take away from him. This was the last straw for the Chagrian, who drew his sword, only for Jennir to swiftly slicer off his right hand, revealing that the last time they dueled, he was only holding back. Demanna asked Jennir to end their feud, by taking his life. Jennir refused, stating that he's allowing Demanna to leave with his life and a chance to redeem himself. Demanna did not forsake his mercy and walked away.


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